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Wollring Law is one of the few business law firms that combines the
fundamental legal issues for healthy entrepreneurship with leading expertise and entrepreneurial understanding.
Overcome legal obstacles and shape your business in economically challenging times more profitable
and more profitable and secure.

Achieving better results with seamless, cost-effective legal advice

Benefit from our holistic consulting approach

Proven strategies for crisis prevention and management

Business challenges can be overcome with a holistic, legal analysis of the business by identifying the
root causes and resolving them through legal means.

Leveraging new insights from leading attorneys

Our team consists of leading specialists in their fields of law who, through scientific publications, not
only witness the changes in the world of law at the same time, but also shape them themselves.

Making companies more profitable and secure with synergies

Recognizing and utilizing the interrelationships between areas of law, such as labor law, corporate law and tax law, enables the exploitation of synergies that lead to greater profitability and stability.

Increase business success through focus and clarity

Our holistic consulting approach reveals the synergies and potentials of your business model. We develop solutions that serve your business objective and keep your back free. You focus on strategy, day-to-day business and expanding your success.


I was extremely impressed by the professional competence of attorney Dr. Moritz Wollring, his personal commitment and his determination to achieve realistic goals. My life experience tells me that the combination of these three quality characteristics is not always the rule, nor is it the case in every profession.

A.c. – Client at Wollring Law

A piecemeal approach to your legal problems will not get you anywhere

Many specialists fail to recognize interrelationships

Our clients have often had suboptimal experiences with specialized lawyers who were unable to perform a cross-thematic legal analysis of the company.

The potential synergies between the individual divisions and their legal interrelationships were disregarded. A holistic view of the law enables you to use it as an economic lever for your company. 

This leads to unfavorable legal advice:

Legal causes of economic challenges are misjudged
High costs for legal advice from individual legal specialists are incurred without finding conclusive solutions
Law is not used as a lever to sustainably increase profitability

This is the only way companies can benefit from business-focused legal advice

What we do differently:
Finding legal synergies and using them entrepreneurially

A profound expertise and a close interlocking of the fields of law relevant for entrepreneurs, enables
a legal advice that meets the entrepreneurial reality
. As a full-service law firm, we advise you on all
legal issues relevant to your business and pave the way for your economic success. Wollring is the
only law firm you will need as a medium-sized business.

The Wollring consulting approach

– Recognize interdependencies and use them for your company –

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Corporate Law & Taxes

The optimization or adaptation of corporate law structures must be examined from a tax law perspective. We use them to achieve tax law advantages for our clients.

Taxes & Criminal Law

In the case of criminal law violations, we use our expertise in tax law to intervene in the proceedings at an early stage, to the benefit of our clients.

Criminal Law & Insolvency Law

Often, criminal law boundaries are transgressed in insolvency law contexts without people being aware of it. We know how to prevent this and take active steps to counter it.

Insolvency Law & Restructuring

As leading specialists in the new restructuring law, we prevent insolvencies by intervening at an early stage. Our clients are always surprised by the effective measures we can take to prevent insolvencies discreetly and without loss of control by the management.

Restructuring & Labor Law

Restructuring is often accompanied by changes in labor law. At the same time, labor law hurdles can also be cleverly overcome by restructuring & optimizing the company.

Labor Law & Corporate Law

When planning the establishment of a company or the sale of a company, the effects of labor law must be considered and factored in.

"We are redefining the standard for corporate legal services by combining cutting-edge, legal capabilities and professional-leading expertise with a high commitment to performance."


Dr. Moritz Wollring

  • Attorney since 2017
  • Certified Restructuring Consultant since 2017
  • Insolvency Administrator since 2019
  • Doctorate in law (Dr. iur.) summa cum laude
Professional leader in restructuring law

Dr. Moritz Wollring has become acquainted with the reorganization-oriented US restructuring law in the course of his academic work in the USA and his doctorate. Since the introduction of the new StarUG in Germany, which offers similar possibilities but has hardly been used so far, he is considered a pioneer and has completed some of the first restructuring proceedings with astonishing results. Dr. Wollring has particular expertise in international insolvency law, insolvency tax law andinsolvency planning law.

Proactive, solution-oriented lawyer and consultant

Our clients, ranging from mid-sized companies to large corporations, are convinced by Wollring Law's optimistic and proactive advice, which utilizes the entire repertoire of business law to proactively create solutions and achieve results, rather than merely pointing out legal hurdles.

Long-term partner for forward-thinking entrepreneurs

As a highly specialized commercial law firm, Wollring Law offers a cross-thematic consulting approach that preventively identifies synergies, risks and potentials between the individual areas of law, remedies them and even uses them to enhance economic performance. Our clients benefit from this, especially when it comes to long-term support as part of our full-service solution. Dr. Wollring regularly publishes and lectures on insolvency law topics and preventative restructuring,including at the Hagen Law School and RWS-Verlag.


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