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The Wollring Law Team

Dr. Moritz Wollring

Founder of the firm 

Attorney at law, insolvency administrator, certified reorganization and restructuring consultant, lecturer on reorganization and restructuring law.

  • m.wollring@wollring-law.com


The secret of outstanding legal advice always lies in teamwork.

At Wollring Law, true experts work hand in hand to enforce the best outcome for our clients.

Maria Le

Mrs. Maria Le


Practice Areas: Labor law (advising employers on warnings, terminations & negotiations with works council);Corporate law (advising on company formation, shareholder disputes & mergers and valuation of companies).

  • m.le@wollring-law.com
Armin Rezaei Nia

Armin Rezaei Nia

(Management Consultant)

Practice Areas: Insolvency law (filing for insolvency, defense against claims for avoidance in insolvency and claims arising from directors' liability; corporate reorganization (advice in and during self-administration proceedings).

  • a.rezaei-nia@wollring-law.com

Mrs. Chantal Passecker

(Business Lawyer)

Practice Areas: M&A transactions (due diligence,company purchase agreements,data protection law and compliance);corporate restructuring; insolvency law (directors' liability; insolvency avoidance; advice on self-administration).

  • c.passecker@wollring-law.com

Mrs. Belma Hayran

(Assistant Tax Consultant & Accountant)

Main areas of activity: Tax law & tax consulting; financial accounting;payroll accounting.

  • b.hayran@wollring-law.com

Mr. Dr. Meiying Fu

(Business Lawyer)

  • m.fu@wollring-law.com

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